Our moisturizers are natural and use the healing and moisturising properties of a number of healthy oils including shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil & jojoba oil. We create a variety of facial creams (day/night), eye cream, body butters, body balms, hand creams/lotions for all different skin types ranging from  normal or problem skin, to sensitive or dry skin. Often times drugstore brands consist of small amount of natural ingredients with large amounts of emulsifiers, penetration enhancers & preservatives, our products are a great alternative.

Our customized creams are the most popular among our customers. We ask you for your skin specifications and scent preferences (if any), and create a unique product just for you!

Hand & Body 
  1. Body Butter
    Body Butter
    Featured fall scents: Coffee Cake, Sweet Orange, and Lavender. 8 oz jar $16
  2. Intense Moisture Hand & Foot Cream
    Intense Moisture Hand & Foot Cream
    Featured winter scent: Eucalyptus essential oil. 3 oz jar $13 4 oz jar $17
  3. Body Balm
    Body Balm
    Provides intense moisture for dry, itchy and/or damaged skin. With shea, cocoa or mango butters, and coconut & olive oils. 3 oz jar $16 4 oz jar $22
  1. Day/Night Cream
    Day/Night Cream
    Available for all different skin types: normal or problem skin, to sensitive or dry skin Day Cream: 60 g jar $25 Night Cream: 60 g jar $25
  2. Moisturizing Eye Cream
    Moisturizing Eye Cream
    Carrot Oil Eye Cream with ingredients like carrot oil, organic argon oil, witch hazel & vitamin E. 45 g jar $27
  3. Intense Moisture Lip Balm
    Intense Moisture Lip Balm
    Moisturize year round for beautiful, smooth lips! Available in Raspberry, Cocoa, Pina Colada & Strawberry scents. $3 each, or 2 for $5