Handmade Soaps

We create a variety of luxurious facial and hand & body soaps using high quality oils, essential oils and fragrances.

All products are locally produced and handmade with love and dedication to the craft of soaping. We care about your skin! Your skin deserves to be treated with care and our natural, handmade soaps are a great alternative to your drugstore, generic brand, and chemical heavy soaps.
Hand & Body Soaps
  1. Ocean Blue Signature Soap
    Ocean Blue Signature Soap
  2. Shimmering Orange Blossom
    Shimmering Orange Blossom
  3. Love Spell
    Love Spell
  4. Springtime Lavender
    Springtime Lavender
  5. Juicy Watermelon
    Juicy Watermelon
  6. Sun, Sand & Surf
    Sun, Sand & Surf
  7. Peach & Mango
    Peach & Mango
  8. Bahama Berry & Melon
    Bahama Berry & Melon
  9. Coffee Cake
    Coffee Cake
  10. Citrus Chocolate Orange
    Citrus Chocolate Orange
  11. Coconut Lime
    Coconut Lime
  12. Berry Chocolate Fudge
    Berry Chocolate Fudge
Facial Soaps
  1. Moisurizing Facial Soap
    Moisurizing Facial Soap
  2. Tea Tree Oil Facial Soap
    Tea Tree Oil Facial Soap
  3. Limited Edition Himalayan Cedarwood Soap for MEN
    Limited Edition Himalayan Cedarwood Soap for MEN