Winter Wonderland

Check out our holiday line of Ocean Blue products. Still the best, food grade ingredients, with a winter theme twists. Specially formulate with rich oils to nourish and protect your skin against the element. Gotta love those Canadian winters! * Limited time only!

  1. Peppermint Blossom
    Get into the swing of the holidays with peppermint. Scented with peppermint essential oil, this handmade soap with have you craving a cup of hot cocoa and a fireplace to warm up those minty hands.
    $4 each
  2. Chocolate Orange
    Inspired by one of our favourite holiday treats, the Terry's Chocolate Orange with a coffee twist! Scented with orange blossom essential and chocolate with real coffee beans this festive soap is sure to be a hit at the holidays and a favourite year round.
    2 for $12
  3. Spicy Christmas Tree
    Our Spicy Christmas Tree Holiday Hand & Body Soap 🌲 scented with pumpkin & allspice! Smells just like Christmas with a spicy twist.
    2 for $12
  4. Twisted Peppermint
    Super moisturizing and perfect for winter with olive, coconut & avocado oils and scented with peppermint essential oil☃️ Makes a great addition to any holiday gift basket 🎄
    $7 each
  5. Clementine
    This rich soap is packed with nourishing oils, scented with Sweet Orange Essential Oil which actually can act as an anti inflammatory and has anti depressant properties. Super festive and perfect for use on hands and body!
    $7 each
  6. Coffee Cake
    Wake up with the delicious scent of coffee in the morning. This scrumptious soap includes one of our not so secret ingredients, COCOA BUTTER. Cocoa butter not only smells amazing but is a wonderful, all natural moisturizer. Its has also often been recommended to treat of skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis.
    2 for $12
  7. Wintergreen
    This handmade half bar soap includes olive and coconut oils to nourish and moisturize over those chilly fall and winter months AND scented with Wintergreen Essential Oil 🌲❄🌬
    $4 each
  8. Holiday Tricolour Neapolitan
    Scented with a combination of midnight jasmine and orange blossom essential oil, peppermint essential oil & bitter almond. Moisture rich with olive and coconut oils to soothe your skin during those harsh winter months.
    2 for $10
  9. Fall Breeze
    Totally luxurious and skin soothing with coconut and olive oil infused with coffee grounds And scented with a surprisingly delightful combination of pumpkin, basil, and chocolate!
    $7 each